The Ideal Simple Luxury.

The Ideal Simple Luxury.
3 December 2021

A beautiful bar of soap is the ideal simple luxury. Why? Because the days of harsh soap bars, where moisture-rich and perfumed ingredients were pretty much unheard of are gone. Now you may enjoy a bar which is ultra-gentle for the skin - cleaning while nourishing it; infused with fragrance, providing a relaxing ritual with aromatherapy scents and with magnificent artisan design.


Our AURA Luxury Soap is deeply moisturizing, handcrafted by artisanal “cold process” and has enriched formula with raw honey containing valuable polyphenols. Traditional soap bars sometimes get the reputation of drying out your skin, but that one might just be able to change your mind. And because the formula is so mild, it’s perfectly safe to use on the face and body and can be enjoyed by the whole family.


And what else? When you enter your bathroom, the scent of the soap will put you in a good mood, taking you to a distant Indonesian coast gently caressed by warm sunlight.


Washing our hands is always important, but it’s taken on new urgency lately. So why not make it enjoyable with the best hand soap available? Elevate your everyday essentials with our artisan handcrafted soap - AURA.


Because "It's all about the little things that spark joy to help us stay calm during these anxious times." A. Kummerow