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  • Brand: D E O R E A
  • Cat No: JW010

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Inspired by the white sands of the Spanish coast, kissed by the sun, we created this sophisticated necklace with milky quartz and 24k gold-filled findings. The airy light design features a faceted finish for added shine and is elegantly decorated with lovely white tulips, carefully handcrafted from natural silk cocoons. The long delicate pendant creates an elegant and feminine silhouette, and moves seductively with every step you take. 



Necklace / Material: milky quartz, natural silk cocoons, acrylic paints, brass / Finishing: 24k gold plating / Type of closure: toggle clasp / Bead Size: 3 mm / Necklace Length: 45 cm / Pendant Length: 17 cm / Weight: 10g. / Handcrafted / Gift Packaging


*The natural material of this jewel makes it unique: there may be variations in size and colour from one piece to another.





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To ensure your jewellery long life we recommend you to handle it with care!

  • PLЕАSE NOTE: Jewellery with silver or gold plating changes colour over time. This is not a manufacturing defect.
  • Keep jewellery away from water and chemicals, such as hair spray, perfumes, lotions etc., as they may damage the finish of your jewellery. Please be aware that over time, exposure to moisture, acids, oils and air reacting with the metal in the jewellery may cause your posts or backs to become darker or tarnished. Rubbing small amount of baking soda on the posts with your finger or a soft damp cloth will help remove the thin layer of tarnish.
  • Pulling the chains can cause stress to the connections causing weak spots or breaks, so be careful and remove your jewellery during physical activities.
  • We recommend you to store your jewellery separately, in its original packaging, in a dry place.